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Your Breath Can Heal You

The gift of breath is one of the most basic and effective ways to enhance physical, emotional & spiritual well-being. This most basic and essential tool of all our activities can also be the most transformative. Focusing on breathing and relaxing is the most effective way to recalibrate your nervous system. Our breath and how we breathe, is intimately connected with all aspects of our being.

Breathwork is a simple, powerful breathing technique, accessible to everyone. Because your breath is a bridge between body, mind, and spirit, each session becomes a platform for transformational work and healing. As adults we often lose the effortless and full rhythmic breathing we had as babies and we tend breathe in shallow short breaths which restricts the flow of our life force energy. Breathwork sessions can recalibrate the nervous system and result in an open heart and greater love for self; healing of grief and trauma; and increased joy, happiness, and abundance.
Many of us store our emotions and traumas in the low belly, where they tend to get stuck. When we breathe in a conscious, steady, and rhythmic pattern, energy rises, our hearts open and trapped emotions are released.
Breathing is a process of receiving from the universe and giving back to it; inhaling to receive life and love and exhaling to let go of what no longer serves us and give back. In a Breathwork session, I create a safe space, guiding and gently supporting you, as you learn the 2-part breathing technique. The space is cleansed with sage and essential oils may be applied to your skin to assist in the process.

You will breathe along with music that helps you focus on the breath, inhaling into your belly and into your heart. This steady, 2-part breath floods your body with energy. As the energy accumulates, it moves freely within the body. There are a wide range of sensations that you may feel during a Breathwork session. Every individual is unique, but most people experience tingling, vibrating sensations, as well as both physical and emotional release. Each session concludes with a 10-15 minute integration (relaxation) phase that leaves you feeling clear and energized.

The breath brings up what is most important for you at the time of the session and promotes deep and lasting inner peace. Breathwork clients often report increased mental clarity, increased intuition, and a greater connection to self, Source, and love.
Breathwork brings expanded awareness on all levels: physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual. Because it effectively dissolves tension in both body and mind, Breathwork is one of the most valuable self-healing tools you can learn. Relaxation and dis-ease cannot co-exist in the same space. As Breathwork shifts your energy, greater aliveness and joy enter, allowing you to reach your greatest potential. Breathwork helps awaken your true essence leading to a more authentic life, filled with self-love. Self-love is a choice, an opening to the true happiness that can only come from a strong relationship with yourself.