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Brigitte Toussaint

I am passionate about sharing Breathwork with the world, to help others lead with their hearts...

Breathwork meditation

Breathwork brings expanded awareness on all levels: physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual...

Group Classes

New Schedule Beginning September 2018: Choose from a variety of classes, locations, in-person or virtual...

Breathwork has been one of the most amazing, nourishing and transformational experiences of my lifetime. The energy created in each session is magical and healing, leaving me with a profound sense of joy and inner peace. This process has opened my heart, allowing love to flow to the farthest corners of my true essence. Brigitte radiates light, love and possibility and is an incredibly beautiful guide. Her soothing voice and gentle touch creates a warm and nurturing space, setting the backdrop for this powerful work.
— Marci

Your breath can heal you.

The gift of breath is one of the most basic and effective ways to enhance physical, emotional & spiritual well-being. This most basic and essential tool of all our activities can also be the most transformative.Focusing on breathing and relaxing is the most effective way to recalibrate your nervous system. Our breath and how we breathe, is intimately connected with all aspects of our being.